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Angel Food Cake

The last time I made this cake (before this weekend) was over 25 years ago…but the memory of it still lives on to this day! It is down to the unique texture of this cake, hence the name….light as a fluffy cloud, upon which you might imagine angels may feast! I served it with someContinue reading “Angel Food Cake”

Hot and Cold Chocolate and Vanilla Baked Alaska Cake with a Milk Chocolate Sauce

I know baked Alaska is traditionally made from plain sponge base, strawberry jam, vanilla ice cream center and french meringue, but I was trying to combine my son’s favourite desserts (chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and toasted marshmallows) in one cake. It was gorgeous: rich french chocolate cake base, cold vanilla ice cream centre, coveredContinue reading “Hot and Cold Chocolate and Vanilla Baked Alaska Cake with a Milk Chocolate Sauce”

French Fruit Tarts

Crisp buttery pastry, filled with luscious vanilla crème patissiere and juicy fruit, what is there not to like! These take a while to make but are definitely worth it! I usually make double the amount of pastry and freeze so it is handy at a later date. Ingredients: for a 28 cm diameter tart orContinue reading “French Fruit Tarts”


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