Chargrilled Tuna Steaks with Tagliatelle in a Mediterranean Vegetable sauce

This is delicious and very quick to make if the sauce is made in advance ready to just reheat. I confess the tuna steaks I buy at the minute are frozen ones from Aldi and thawed out prior to cooking. Convenient but not a patch flavour wise on fresh tuna steaks….which I would recommend. TheContinue reading “Chargrilled Tuna Steaks with Tagliatelle in a Mediterranean Vegetable sauce”

Delicious Crab Spaghetti

I love this dish, it tastes indulgent and fresh despite using quite a few tinned ingredients, and is super quick to make. Done and dusted in about 10 minutes…handy if you’re trying to fit in work, helping the kids with schoolwork, chores…etc. It is also very adaptable, I never make it quite the same twice,Continue reading “Delicious Crab Spaghetti”

Traditional Battered Fish

It’s not as easy these days to enjoy freshly cooked piping hot fish and chips ….however this recipe means you don’t have to miss out! This recipe is much cheaper than buying them for take -out. Ingredients: makes 4 portions For the battered fish : Approx.. 500 – 600 g cod or haddock cut intoContinue reading “Traditional Battered Fish”